Regaining the lost paradise

paradise lost.jpg

Genesis 2:8 - “And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed.” ESV

After creating man, God put him in the garden in Eden. The meaning of Eden in Hebrew is very interesting. It means a spot, delight, pleasure. By this, we can understand that God put Man in a delightful spot where His presence dwelt. This is where God came down to meet with Man and had deep fellowship with Him. It was in this place, Adam felt loved, secure and significant. It was in this place that Adam received meaning, purpose, and direction for life. It was here that Adam understood the heart of God and received His perspectives. It was from this place Adam was supposed to be fruitful and multiply and expand the dominion and reign over the earth that God had delegated to him. Can we see How God had designed our life and how he wanted us to function?

God wanted Man to be connected in His presence, feel loved and secure, receive His instructions and directions and rule over the earth.

Unfortunately, this awesome plan of God was thwarted by the fall of man into sin through the temptation of Satan. However, God did not give up on His plan for mankind. He sent His only Son Jesus to restore us back to Him in a relationship as well as the authority that man had lost.

Today, in Christ Jesus, the gate of Garden of Eden has been again opened to us. He is the tree of life that gives eternal life. Through Him, we are invited again to have the fellowship with our God. We can again drink of the river that is flowing out of the Eden, which is His Spirit. We can again have dominion over the earth. We have the authority over every sickness, demons and all that is not of God. Now, we can reign over the earth as joint heirs with Christ Jesus!  Now we have the authority to expand the kingdom of God wherever God has placed us.