Sacred and Secular - A false dichotomy


"One of the most dangerous philosophies that have harmed the church, more than any other is the false dichotomy between Sacred and Secular" - Pr.Manohar

I can't fully describe the devastating effects that this false dichotomy between sacred and secular has had on the Christendom.

This has produced more Christians who sit in the pews and very few ministers of the gospel. 

It has led to an understanding, that our jobs are an end in itself, to make a decent living while the truth is that God has placed us in our jobs as a means to advance His kingdom.

This has misled us into thinking that the call of God is limited to a few chosen ones, while the truth is that every believer is called to serve. 

Whatwe do on Sundays within the church is spiritual and the rest is worldly.

It's time to integrate these two seemingly opposite realms and see our life as a whole in the kingdom of God!